Question General slow down on my PC

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Sep 9, 2020
So I've been getting the following issues of late, and they are getting more frequent. They all seem to have shown up after the last update, but I have had them before, usually after an update, then they go away after the next update. There are no new updates available however.

I'm getting the following, chrome going very slow and freezing up when going from one tab to another, or even when just working in the same tab, regardless of how many tabs are open.

Games that have worked perfectly for years crashing for no apparent reason.

Sometimes when shutting down, I get no response when I select Power Down or Restart and I end up having to Ctr Alt Del to shut down.

Even then it still sometimes won't shut down at all and I end up having to hold the power button, but that gives another issue as I then power up I get a message that there is no operating system. Powering off and on again resolves that but that tends to often give me a very long load up of windows, and even my desktop ends up taking awhile for it's icons to show up,, including those on the menu bar at the bottom.

It also sounds like the fans are struggling, which makes me think it might be the age of the machine. I've no idea now how long I've had this PC, but it's got to be about five years old now. Even with the side panels off I'm not quite sure which fan or fans is struggling the most. Leaving the panel off seems to let things cool down inside a bit though and they seem to work a bit quieter.

Amy ideas?


When posting a thread of troubleshooting nature, it's customary to include your full system's specs. Please list the specs to your build like so:
please include the age of the PSU apart from it's make and model.

You could try and perform a system restore prior to the update/issue cropping up though with all due respect, often times the BIOS could use an update(if there are any pending) and/or a reinstall of the OS, after recreating the installer for your OS. This is provided you didn't post this thread in the wrong OS section.