Question General SSD storage for ~$50 per TB yet?

May 9, 2020

I've been building all my own PCs since 1994 or so. My current ones are from 2011 or 12 - both are Ivy Bridge based. I have a Windows PC and a Linux PC. I don't game and my current computers are plenty fast enough. Interestingly I used to have to upgrade every 4 years because Windows and general software improvements would slow down a computer that was older than 4 years- but that problem seems to have stopped! I used to utilize my prior Windows hardware as a hand-me-down for my linux box- so I would get 8 years out of all hardware.

Anyway, my OS drives have long been SSDs of course. I have about 4 TB of general purpose "spinning disk" space storage on each- the bulk of the Windows storage is for family photos and the bulk of the Linux is for movies that are served via Plex. I'm not loaded with money, so I'm kind of interested in replacing the spinning disks with SSDs only once reliable SSDs are in the range of $50/TB. I peak at Newegg 2-3 times every year, but don't do anything else to see what my options are.

So, is there SSD storage that is $50/TB offered anywhere from time to time yet, or do I need to wait another year or possibly two? The smallest "disk" size I'm interested in is 2 TB- I don't want to cobble together a bunch of smaller devices. My windows PC has two 2 TB spinning disk hard drives and my linux PC has a 4 TB spinning disk.

I don't need super fast SSD- I just want something that will be reliable for use for 5 or even 10 years. I've had many spinning hard drive failures over the years (although none lately) and would like to say "goodbye" to them once the price is reasonable.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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