Generic AIO vs premium air cooler for ryzen 2600x


Jan 24, 2011
So i have an old Mugen cooler fitted on an old q9650 on lga775
Now I'm building another pc around ryzen 2600x and i could get an AIO cooler for it (max100$) but from benchmarks i'm not seeing any semnifcative difference to a premium air cooler. (the mugen has lots of fins, 10heatpipes, 1kg of copper and alu, so it was a beast back in the day, and thermodynamics have not changed since the dawn of tine so i guess it's still a very decent air cooler, and AFAIK, the mugen's plate is large enough for the larger 37mm ihs of the ryzen, i'll double check anyway, the lga775 ihs is about 34-ish mm)

The dilemma i have is option 1: spend some 80$ on a generic 240mm rad AIO cooler, and leave the Mugen in it's original place ( i plan to keep both computers running)

Option 2: spend 5$ more for the same cpu with the amd wraith max cooler included (at a local shop they give this as a bonus, but the price of the cpu is 5-6$ more than other shop) and move (and hack) the wraith max on the old q9650 (with less OC), and move (and hack) the mugen from lga775 to AM4.

Note: i'm a mechanical engineer and hacking mountings from and to AM4 and lga775 is not an issue. (is a challenge, a bit of work, but i have the tools and know-how to do a good job)

I tend to go option 2, but will a cheap AIO cooler with 240mm rad, do a better job then this kilogram of air cooler i already have on different computer?

( i could hack a custom watercooler but that's a project for another time.. i'm in automotive business and can get an electric discrete water pump for engines (like on some bmw's) and a car radiator on the cheap to free - so i have this in mind but i'm not into heavy overclocking anymore.. i just need a computer and like it cool)

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