News Get $40 off This Intel Core i7-11700K CPU and Get Crysis Remastered Trilogy for Free

That pricing seems a bit mediocre when you consider that Intel is set to launch their new Alder Lake processors featuring a new architecture within the next couple months or so. The 12700K could potentially be notably faster, which might make it worth waiting a bit to see what the new CPUs have to offer. It wouldn't be surprising to see better prices than these soon as stores work to clear their inventory.

And saving a little bit on a CPU isn't going to be particularly useful for the value-conscious gamer at a time when even mid-range graphics cards are priced several-hundred dollars over their MSRPs.

As for the Crysis Remastered Trilogy, it's generally received underwhelming reviews from what I've seen. The first game's remaster is based on the heavily cut-down PS3/Xbox 360 port, ported back to PC, not the original PC version, so while the graphics have been improved in some areas, they have been downgraded in others. Crysis Remastered currently has a 52% positive score on Steam, if that's anything to go by. It might not be bad to get the trilogy bundled as an extra, but its probably not something worth going out of your way to pick up a particular piece of hardware for. The same goes for Humankind, which also received mixed user reviews.