Get a mac book pro for dual boot gaming?




I currently have a self built gaming rig: Phenom 955 x4, 6 gb ddr3 and a HD 4890.

I play at 1080p on a 42 inch screen.

Im getting weekly payments from my school for the next two years... so I can afford a Mac Book pro. I want to be able to play all windows games so will most likely dual boot and hook the MAc book upto my 42 inch tv at 1080p.

The macbook pro has 2.4 i7 processor, radeon 6770 1gb and 8 GB DDR 3 RAM.

If I do a windows 7 dual boot and hook the mac book pro to my 42 inch tv at 1080p what FPS am i likely to get on games such as crysis 2 and skyrim?

Hill I see a big performance jump from my current system?

If i were to get the 2.5ghz i7 istead of the 2.4ghz how would this effect gaming.

Is the 2.4 i7 in the current mac book pro more powerful than my phenom 955?

Hello and welcome to the forums
4890 is way much faster than 6770M.6770M is a mid-range laptop card and it can handle Crysis 2 fine on resolutions like 1366x768 but not 1080p.Basically,it can't handle any game maxed out on 1080p
CPU wise;however,MBP is faster.
So in terms of gaming,going from your desktop to MBP is a downgrade