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Question Geting BSOD Win10! Is my GPU damaged?

May 26, 2020
I have a laptop DELL VOSTTROL 3550, having use it for 10 years!
Now, it shows some symtons: Suddenly, My laptop show a box say: Your hardware settings have changed. Please reboot your computer for these changes to take effect . and after that Win10 always go BSOD whenever I boot up with CODE: Thread_stuck_on_device_driver

I tried reinstall driver, window,... even change the hardware( to SSD). And it's seem not working!
I notice that If window auto update my AMD graphic driver, the box definitely will show up and same thing would happen!
And that true, disable AMD graphic driver in Device Manager and the problem solved but the resolution is suck!
One day I choose another version of Graphic Driver and It boot normally but I can't play most of game!
Right now, I disabled the AMD external events utility, no more box and everything work OK but it's not like the problem is fixed since I still got BSOD in some application (dont know if it require more from GPU) and most of game I played which run prettty smoothly in the past now it's really laggy!

I think this is the end of my GPU's journey! Anyone has any idea?