Getting 5.1 as the default audio format in Vista 64 bit


Apr 28, 2008
I have an Asus p5k motherboard ( that's the one without the wifi). Recently I've upgraded the sound system in my room to a 7.1 Onkyo 667 system.

Anyways, I wanted to get Vista to default it's audio output to a 5.1 channel setup. As of now it's only giving me a variety of 2 channel options. I'm running an SPDIF cable out...

- I checked and my bios is set to HD audio out
- I have the latest drivers for my mofo board and I have soundmax installed
- Windows shows dts audio and dolby digital as options and when I test them they work perfectly!!! All of the speakers make the appropriate chimes and my receiver switches the icon from stereo, to the red Dolby symbol.
- I tried playing a blu-ray with 5.1 and I even selected that as the out format in powerDVD and it still does not work.

Therefore, I think I know my problem and that is setting the default audio format out to a 5.1 format from the properties screen in Vista.

Thanks in advance for any help