Getting 70mb's connected to modem, 25mb's with router attatched.


Aug 21, 2010
So i have recently upgraded my internet connection and was not gettting my advertised speeds, i called charter and they said to hook directly to my modem and i reluctantly agreed thinking nothing would change, man was i wrong! I use two sites to test, one was and here is the result:


16mb's download
4.2mb's upload

Modem only:
29.00mb's download
4.2mb's upload (the one he told me to try)

Modem only:
70mb's download
4.2mb's upload

26.00mb's download
4.2mb's upload

I am only rated for 30mb's, and the guy on the phone said my modem was in fact dialed in to that number, so he couldnt explain the 70'mb's i was getting on the site he suggested i test on.

So is my router a piece of crap? It is rated up to 54mb's, not sure why i only get 16mb's on Here is the model of it:

The guy on the phone suggested i rent a modem/router combo from them, but it costs double what im renting the modem for now (i own my router). Can someone suggest me a modem/router combo from newegg, he said i needs to be doxxss 3 (lol spelling) and wireless n just to make sure that if i ever decide to upgrade to their 100mb's service that it would handle it. I could not find any on newegg so any help appreciated.
Ok no such thing as a router being "rated" at any speed, router's are not modems.

A few questions, how are you connecting to your "router"? Are you using wireless to the router and the router using wired to the ISP modem?

What kind of service are we talking about, ADSL / VDSL / Cable / FIOS or straight Ethernet?

If your using wireless then chances are your wireless connection is the limit, 54Mbps is the limit to 802.11a/g but unless your right next to the AP your going to get less. Walls and signal reflection / noise all cause the signal to degrade.

If it's wired it could be a limit with your routers packet switching. Routing speeds are limited by the CPU of the router itself and depending on the age of the device and the service's its' running you could be hitting a wall.