Getting a first PC @ 15

Zachary A.

Jun 4, 2020
You read the title. I'm a desperate 15 year old dude who just can't help into asking the internet for some tips on how to convince your dad into buying a pc.

First of all, my dad just don't approve me of gaming. At all. It's a waste of time, he said. Even though he did told me that he was once a game addict back in his younger days. He's learned his lesson he said, explaining all this and that about the negativity of gaming in general. I'll be honest with you, if I were to talk about those negatives of gaming, we'd have to rewind time to when I was 13, I had already - literally showed him that gaming doesn't effect me negatively at all by proving that I still can get great marks and grades on my exams, not slacking on my chores, the good stuff - you name it. But in the end of the day even that doesn't seem to shake off his views.

I had tried to get a job, but since I'm living in a third world country with one of the prerequisites of getting a job is to be above the age of 18, and literally no places in my area are hiring underaged brats, I can safely conclude that getting a job is just.. not possible at this point in time. (I've tried getting a job online like being a writer, and websites like Fiverr but none of my services are even appropriate enough to be considered useful, so I gave up)

That's the backstory to my question, I thought it'd be necessary if I'd want to get some REAL responds and answers.

I'm planning to buy a Ryzen 3 3200G with 8GB RAM, nothing more. I believe that its Vega 8 Graphics is more than enough to suit my needs, since the games I play are only esports titled and lightweight, such as CSGO, Valorant, R6 and Minecraft. I'm also planning to do some lightweight video editing since I do YouTube and try graphic designing using Photoshop, and other related apps.

My current setup is currently a phone(just got one :p) but we're talking about pc setups here, and i had a laptop which had an i3 with 4GB Ram and Intel hd520 that has broken down over the years. I managed to play csgo in the laptop which runs fine except the map loading times which are SUPER tedious (takes literally 7minutrs to load) and resulting in match cooldowns and bans. But aside from that, the game runs pretty fine with 30-40fps. Oh and Minecraft works just fine.

Well, I guess rambling my rants really don't help me if I say them out for myself, so can someone out there help a buddy out with some tips with your big geeky brains?
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You would need to beef up the APU to a discrete GPU, if I were you. I'd get a capable system first and then upgrade along the way as money comes in. To note, you're going to have to follow the stylizing of this thread with necessary information (as a followup to this existing thread)so we can move forward.

If you're asking for ways to get money coming in, during this pandemic, well unfortunately we don't know where you're located and worse is that the pandemic is causing people to work(from home) not doing physical work. You could do physical work like mowing someone's lawn or run errands but that would mean you're taking social distancing measures.

Regarding convincing your father, you might not want to play on his emotional side but at the end of the day, you need to respect his decisions without treading on them when you try and make your point. Often times we look at what we want and not what's necessary in the bigger picture. For example, during these times of crisis, penny pinching tactics can and will go a long way. The other fact of the matter is that even if you did manage to get a hold of a bank even, there's the issue about stocks being depleted or worse being over priced due to lack of said stock in components. So what was considered a value proposal prior to the pandemic is now gone(in most cases).
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