Getting a New Computer, NEED HELP!


Jul 19, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I'm not the most experienced in terms of computers, but my last Dell just died on me and I need something that I can use for very general usage. I don't play a lot of PC games, nor do I do a great deal of intensive PC work. I'm looking for either a desktop or laptop (I normally would prefer a desktop for price reasons) that is good for my needs.

I'm never sure what to buy, and through research I have gotten some better ideas, but I'm still greatly confused. I generally use a computer for the internet, MS Office, Some gaming, listening to music, and some light video editing. I've been scouring the Internet for ideas and computers, but they all seem good to me, only to find out that something is much better than something else, etc.

I don't have any experience building my own computers, and I may want to stay away from that.

Any help is greatly appreciated!