Question Getting A0 Q-CODE but the monitor isn't working

Jun 1, 2019
So I was cleaning my PC today and I fear that I may have dostroyed something. During the cleaning I wanted to remove the GPU for easier access to the motherboard. But, being a total moron that I am, I completely forgot that there's a switch that you're supposed to click before removing the GPU from the slot. So I removed it by brute force, and as you can imagine, I destroyed something. The switch, to be specific. Although I didn't see any damage on the GPU. I really don't think it's damaged, but I'm also not denying the possibility. Anyway, after I finished cleaning I used a different slot for the GPU, as this one is pretty much broken given it has no switch. I triead booting up the PC. I had various Q-CODEs come up along the way, all of them spelling some kind of trouble, and I managed to fix all of the problems by using the MemOK! button on the motherboard (I thought that maybe unplugging and plugging RAM sticks caused the problem) and replugging mouse and keyboard to different USB ports. Now I'm stuck on A0, which means that everything is alright, but for some reason nothing is appearing on the screen. I unplugged the screen from the HDMI port on the GPU and plugged it into the port on the motherboard, rebooted, and I still have the same problem. Any suggestions as to what might help?