Discussion Getting about half of the speed I should

It may not be the cause but the cable you list is not actually a ethernet cable.

That is a fake cable like many you find on amazon and other sites. You will notice nowhere in the ad does it say it is eia/tia certified. That is what makes a cable a ethernet cable not some silly CAT designation.

The wires are too thin. Actual ethernet cable must have wires size 22-24.

When you are dealing with cable that is not manufactured to the certifications all you have is the trust of the manufacture. Cables may or may not work if they do not meet the standards. The longer the cable is the more likely it will have issues.
It should. You really should avoid shielded cable but in a home install tends to not be a issue.

You can look at the side of the cable. I bet it says eia/tia on the side and tells the wire size. The other thing is that it is pure copper and not CCA but it says it is copper in the cable listing.

>>>I just reread the add and it actually has all the standards listed in the bottom so I am sure it conforms.
Etherner can go 100 meters so 50ft will be no issues.

If it still does not work then I don't know. I would run it over the floor to test it before you go to the trouble of installing it someplace.
There is not much you can set, almost everything makes it worse. You need to leave it on auto negotiate but you are already getting 1gbit but I suspect with lots of errors. If there is a any engergy save modes you need to disable that but mostly that just turns off the port when it is sleeping. Some switches try to cut the power buy transmitting a lower levels when they detect short cables. I have only seen it on a couple devices and the default setting is that it runs at full power.