Getting an Ethernet connection when WIFI modem is on a different floor of the house

Oct 23, 2018
I am planning on building a gaming PC soon and I need some help getting an Ethernet connection. The PC will be in my room which is 1 floor above where the WIFI modem is (pretty much right above it). I've been thinking of buying a WIFI extender which has an Ethernet port and connecting the Ethernet cable from the extender to my computer. Will this solution cause my download/upload/ping speeds be greatly reduced? Will just using a USB WIFI adapter give better results?


If it is far enough that you couldn't run a long cable then you can see if an AC adapter will get the job done.
There is no guarantee that you will get any better performance from an AC adapter than on Wi-Fi since it all depends on how far away the adapters are from each other in the house and how many lines the connection needs to cross for them to reach each other.

But generally you want them to be as close to each other as possible in a straight line distance.
Depending on whether or not you are in a house that you or family owns, then you could always drill a hole in the floor/roof and run a cable through it.