Question Getting AT&T Fiber to a Different Building


Nov 17, 2014
Our family lives in a rural area that has very limited access to Internet. Currently we only have satellite internet, with a data cap that frequently gets used up. However, we also own a model home only about 2/5's of a mile away which has AT&T fiber internet with no data cap installed. We'd like to try and use bridge satellites (these: ) to transmit the fiber internet connection to our home.

Now, when I watched a video on these bridges, it was mentioned that your router you're transmitting from should be set in bridge mode. After doing some research I've come to realize that AT&T's routers they use for their fiber service don't support bridge mode. However, the AT&T router (a AT&T U-verse 5268AC FXN), is also sending a wired connection to another router (a ReadyNet WRT300N-D6). Does this mean that the AT&T router is already configured for 3rd-party devices, and that I simply have to connect the bridge to the ReadyNet and put the ReadyNet in bridge mode? Or is there something further I should do?

I'm fairly tech savvy but I'm not a networking expert so I want to make sure I set this up right without screwing up our model's internet.
You should not do anything with the router. You want to run a pair of these units one on each end. To the equipment inside the house they look like a ethernet cable...except it does not run as fast as ethernet.

I have never seen that brand. You can get ubiquiti units for much cheaper. You should be able to use their $50/each nano loco ac units. They sell larger ones that go more distance.

ubiquti is very easy to set up and they have leds to help you align them on the roof without a pc.

The key problem you have with any of this type of unit is you need clear line of sight. You likely want them up on pole on the roof as high as you can mange. You are pretty short distance but the reflections from the ground can degrade your signal. At large distance you need towers.