Getting audio only from one ear with headphones


Aug 18, 2010
I'm getting no sound from the right ear of my earphones connected to the front panel headphone jack of my case. When testing the left and right speaker sides in realtek audio manager, the right speaker's audio comes out of the left ear of the earphones. So I hear the two audio tests from the left side of the earphone. I tried using some older headphones and get the same result. I tried messing around with the balances in windows but it doesn't help.

This is on my first pc I built last week. I have a Asus M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 mobo. I connected the HD audio connector from the case to the mobo. It had a connector for AC'97 also but i didn't use that one.

I have 2 desktop speakers connected to the back of the case. I can hear from both sides with those.
FYI, a simple headphone test would be to disconnect your speakers, and plug your headphones into the now open jack. When you hear sound in both ears, you know the problem is the front panel jack itself.

But you don't need to do that now, the FP jack wiring is the issue. Now to try and solve it.

Your case should be able to deal with either connector, since it has provided you with both audio 10-pin connectors.

You chose the correct one, make sure the HD connector is properly plugged into the motherboard, no bent pins, etc.

Then check BIOS and make sure the mobo is outputting HD, not AC97.(page 2-34 of your mobo manual).

If all that checks out properly, theres a wiring issue (most likely) or a jack issue (least likely) in the case itself.

You could then try to use AC97 (setting your BIOS correctly, and using the other mobo plug) and see if that wiring works.