Question Getting better fps in warzone (upgrade questions)

Apr 15, 2022
I am getting bad performance and I am wondering about one upgrade. I already bought some other upgrade(16gb ram, ssd for warzone, better cooler) Here's my build
  • i5-4590
  • MSI Gtx 1650 oc
  • 8gb ddr3 4x2 1600mhz
  • warzone on 7500rpm hdd 3.5"
  • intel h81 mobo
  • stock intel cooler
I already got more ram to stop some stuttering, but with the same cpu I am still at 100% cpu usage and it is bad, I would rather have 100% gpu usage.

Will a i7-4790k be a decent upgrade from a i5-4590 for 100 dollars
I would get 2mb more cache, 0.6 mhz higher clock (base) and hyperhtreading
Would this give me a decent improvement in warzone?
I have heard that warzone uses multiple threads, so maybe the higher clock and threads will let my gpu actually do something.

Deleted member 362816

I have a 6900xt paired with a 5900x and I still get luke warm performance in that game at 1440p. I wish you luck. As for the 4590- 4790k not worth $100.
I've seen Warzone played on a 4790K with a 1650, but it was an Hispanic player using Spanish settings, so I have no idea what his graphics settings were. The frame rate was OK, but the graphics didn't look that impressive, so I have to assume the settings were pretty low.

When you're PC spec is getting that many gens old, and/or is low in model (GPU), and you're trying to play demanding modern games, it usually means upgrading some hardware. The trend right now is GPU prices are dropping, but they still have a long ways to go to get back to normal.

How long it takes for prices to stabilize may depend on how long it takes to keep COVID cases from rising, and the invasion in Ukrane from escalating further. The global economy is still a bit of an ugly mess to be doing major upgrades, unless you have a good reliable source for lightly used hardware at a good price.