Getting broadband to annex

Jun 23, 2018
I was hoping somebody could advise me on the best way of getting broadband from our house to a shed in the garden approximately 60meters this is being converted to a annex for my son who is an avid gamer. I did initially contact bt regarding a second line installation however 3 months down the line bt finally visit only to tell me the telephone pole in our garden is condemned and they will not climb it and not attach any new installation. I live very rural and struggle to get a mobile signal. I was wondering if I can run some sort of cable from our bt router to the shed and plug it in to another router in the shed ?? My son is adamant he wants the computer on an ethernet cable and would require wireless for other devices. Would anybody be able to advise me on the best and most reliable way of doing this. If it is of any use i am having drainage works carried out and will have the use of a nice French from our house to the shed. As you can probably guess I am very lacking in knowledge regarding this. Thank you for any advice or recommendations.
I would suggest that you run an ethernet cable from the house to the shed. The ethernet cable would connect to one of the lan ports of the router in your house. On the shed side, connect the cable to a unmanaged ethernet switch. Connect the PC to the switch with another (shorter) ethernet cable. For wifi, you'll need to connect a wifi access point to the switch. Note, that I didn't say to use another router on the shed side. You could use another router, but you need to turn off IP addressing and a couple of other things and set it up as an wifi access point and switch.

Also, check on your local build codes. You'll need to run the ethernet cable in a conduit from the house to the shed.
If someone is digging a trench you can put outdoor direct bury ethernet cable in it. You could also run a plastic conduit and run indoor cable though it. It is about the same price depending on what you can get direct bury cable for. You can use cheap water pipe if you can not find actual conduit.

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