Getting components friday, necessary assembly precautions.


Nov 30, 2012
I know I shouldn't wear wool, heat up the room a little, especially in winter, and I also bought the Rosewill RTK-002 Antistatic band, anything else I need to know, please be complete, this is my first time.

1. Read the instructions. Download now and read, cover to cover the motherboard and case manuals.
2. Parts are keyed to fit only one way. Look carefully at the mating shapes and don't force anything.
3. Assemble all the parts outside of the case first for initial testing. Once you get a successful post, then you can install them in the case. That way, any defective parts(rare) will be found early, and you eliminate any case shorting problems which are hard to diagnose.
4. Buy a #2 magnetic tip phillips head screwdriver. 4 or 5" is fine.
It makes it easy to hold screws before screwing them in to wherever they go. The magnetism is very weak and will not impact anything. Just be reasonably judicious where you put it.
5. If you find the antistatic strap to be a pain, just ground yourself to the case before touching parts.
---good luck---


Dec 4, 2012

A large, flat surface (like your dinner table) is fine.
I do suggest breadboarding your pc before putting it into your case, just to make sure all the parts work. (Don't have to if you don't want to.)

A wooden table is perfect.
Anti static mat is not necessary. If you want, just use the anti static bag that the motherboard is packages in.

I might find a small dish or bowl to hold all of the screws. It is a pain when they fall off the table.


Sep 2, 2012
I spent 3 hours building my first rig, an hour was spent ogling the components before putting them in lol. If your the paranoid type and dont mind something tugging at your wrist while trying to kajiger components into place then the antistatic strap is right up your alley. Really touching the case before components and just ever so often is all you need to do. And i guess just relax and have fun, building your very own computer is a journey and an achievement, enjoy it.