Question Getting confused with rgb fans and cases

Nov 25, 2020
Hey guys.

Please elaborate on me because the more research I'm making the more confused I'm. My current build is overheating (OC'ed RX570) and I want to upgrade the case and fans... I love the look of nzxt but they are pricey (h710i, h510 elite) and they have weak airflow. I would like to buy phantkes p500a and that's the second case I like but I don't know how to connect the fans as my MOBO probably isn't good for RGB (b450 tomahawk [not max], there is 12v RGB header) and the same goes with lian li lancool 2 mesh RGB. Lian Li o11 dw is also pretty but fans with hub might cost me as much as case itself if not more.

MSI B450 Tomahawk
Ryzen 5 2600
XFX RX 570 OC (1400mhz 1150v)
8GB Ram Viper 4
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Not an answer per se. Just a suggestion that you reconsider the requirements.

Set aside "the look".

If RGB is getting in the way of how to connect fans etc. then things may be getting too complicated or mismatched.

Focus on a case that will properly house and cool the motherboard and all installed components. That is the bottom line case requirement.

Reading reviews is a good way to identify candidate case products. Then visit the applicable manufacturer websites to read the case User Installation Guides/Manuals, FAQs, and Forums (if any).

Pay attention to fine print, caveats, and references to other information or product specs. Look for what is said along with what is not said. Details matter.

For the most part there will probably come a time when the pretty colors etc. are no longer noticed by you or anyone regularly about.

Unless something goes astray and you need to try to figure out how to fix the problem.

Never let form get in the way of function.

Plus take a closer look at the current overheating problem. Could be that a new case of any sort may do nothing or little to resolve that issue.

Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.
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Nov 25, 2020
Yes, the overheating problem with GPU is because of the case. I took off the glass side panel and the temperature of the GPU has dropped by 10-20 C. Idk why u are giving me generic answers on how to pick a case when I know exactly how to pick a case (and I don't know why I should set aside the look of the case, I don't want it to be just two big fans with RGB, aka. coolermaster, | I want to admit that I like the minimalistic look, that why I'm still considering NZXT which will fit perfectly to my room). If there is an option to make good airflow with NZXT cases, then I will go with it, because I'm a big fan of their products.


Oct 17, 2016
Dude, you're a post maker. Giving such generic answers.
What he's saying is he doesn't know how to connect these RGB fans without any HUB to his mobo that has 12v output.


Interesting: two down votes from the same IP address then one of those posts gets an up vote from the same IP address.

Plus I clearly stated I was not giving an answer.

Sometimes getting the OP (Original Poster) to reconsider options can lead to better results.
Oct 21, 2020
I don't understand the whole fans directly behind glass (like the H510) that case manufacturers have been doing the past few years. What air are they trying to move exactly? If you just want LEDs there, maybe just put LEDs there...? Glad they are coming back around to mesh.

Not sure if there are size requirements or if you need extra fans but a few possible cases similar in style and around the same price point that doesn't look ridiculous trying to flow air through glass:

Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic/XL (or soon to be released mini)
MetallicGear NeoQube (for a cheaper alternative to the PC-011)

More "traditional" mesh front airflow cases:
Lian Li II Mesh
Fractal Meshify C
beQuiet! Pure Base 500
Cooler Master TD500

Or grab an older case with a side vent/fan option. Usually not glass though. The whole glass thing is dumb anyways. Seriously, if I saw a buddy with a H510, I'd point and laugh.