Question Getting ethernet jacks in new Apartment to work


May 5, 2015

So I just moved in to a new apartment with google fiber. The issue is I would like to run a hardline to some of my machines, but the google fiber jack and network box are hidden away in the laundry room, and would be very difficult to run long ethernet cords throughout the apartment for a hardline connection.

But, the apartment has many ethernet ports in every room, about 4 or so throughout the apartment. The networking box( View:
) is right next to the google fiber jack and I am wondering what steps I need to take to get internet to ethernet ports throughout the apartment? I'm willing to do some work to make it all work!

Don't get too excited, those cables may not be wired for networking. You should go to one of the wall jacks, open it up and you should see a cable with 4 twisted pairs wires intact, then u got a prayer.

U must also make sure the current cabling is not used HVAC, alarm.
That looks like what is called a 66 block it is normally used for phone but it will work for data just not recommended if you have the newer 110.

It appears nothing is connected to these wires on this end, there is only a single wire going to each position.

As stated first step is to look at the other end of the wire and see what it is connected to. If they are phone jacks you will have to replace that end also.

If this was a house I would normally recommend you just remove the splice block and replace it with a rj45 patch panel. What I would do is buy some commercial ethernet cables, make sure they are solid and not stranded wire and that they are pure copper with wire gauge 22-24. I would then cut them in half and plug one end into your router and the other punch down into the panel. Be very sure the jack on the far end follows the same pattern as the cables you bought. I would also wire tie the wires to the punch block since it appears you will have them hanging loose out the front. They can easily get bumped and pull a wire loose.

The only reason I suggest you cut premade cables it saves you buying a crimp tool. You likely should get a punch down tool but if you are very careful you can use a small screwdriver to do that also. If you do buy a punch down tool I suspect you are going to need both 66 and 110. I bet the wall jacks use 110 and this splice block looks like 66
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This just brings up even more questions.

So you say the top jack is ethernet and the bottom phone. The yellow cable goes to the top but I do not see yellow cables in the first photo you posted. So where do the yellow cables go.

You technically could use the green ones but I bet the yellow ones are already terminated for ethernet but that is just a guess.