[SOLVED] Getting into watercooling


Jun 13, 2017
First off to start this, I am not completely sure this is the correct section to post this, but whatever.

I currently have a Corsair 900D, Gigabyte Vega 64 (The normal black single fan one), 8700K, and a ROG Strix Z370-F mobo (Not sure if this is all the information you need, let me know if you need more). I really want to start water cooling for three reasons, better temperatures, lower sound, and most importantly a good looking system. I have about $800 I can spend and am debating if I should start water cooling, or get a 2080 ti and just have to save up again, though that is somewhat off topic. I know about the EKWB Custom Loop Configurator, but frankly, that seems like it may be a way to get extra things you do not need, so this is why I am asking the forums. Here is what I am looking for, hard tubing, a decently large and good looking reservoir, and I think it would look cool to have 2 colors, so a loop for my CPU and a loop for my GPU. Some colors I really like are red, yellow, orange, and I really like purple. Also, I think it is important to note that I do not currently have a theme for my setup, it is pretty much just black. Well hopefully this is enough info for you guys and gals to help me, thanks!

Edit: This is probably one of my favorite builds I have seen. I love the simplicity and dual reservoirs, though I don't like the colors that much mainly because I don't like the combo and I prefer a more "thick" and "less watery" liquid.


Aug 13, 2018
2 colours is doable but would be a pain, you would need 2 pumps.

If you want to watercool i wouldnt bother upgrading the GPU as the Vega 64 is a good enough card and the waterblocks have been about for a while so shouldnt suffer from any teething problems.

EKWB is certainly the market leader on that front. Your best bet is to probably get in touch with the guy on the forum you posted if your'e looking to copy his set up. He will be able to give advice and help with problems that maybe he encountered.
Are you planing on doing any overclocking?

Words of advice.... buy good parts, ive had very good luck iwth EKWB and XSPC for my parts

All re-usable parts for build to build
fittings Barb + re-usable clamps or compression

Might be re-usable
CPU blocks, intel to intel or amd to amd will work but intel to amd will not and vise versa
GPU blocks 95% of the time you can not transfer them to another card, EKWB has a good cross reference for their blocks to cards.
Tubing can but its cheap enough i would just replace it

On top of that you also need to look at,

PSU you are now adding more fans depending on a push, pull, or a push and pull system and then a single or dual pump. It all starts to add up in the end.

Coolant flushes every year if not sooner, especially with colored fluids. you also need to watch what additives they use as well, some will brake down over time and clog the system.

most of my build i just use Distilled water with a silver kill coil and it does fine, flush once a year and its good to go. My last build i used XSPC's blood red coolant and its been good sofar with no ill effects. I have used colored coolants in the past and they stained the res and tubes.

Oct 22, 2018
Our configurator is a good place to start. It can occasionally be a little overzealous with say how much coolant you need, but it's a good starting place. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help answer them :)