Question Getting low fps after period of time, fixes itself upon restart

Nov 24, 2019
Hi there

Whenever I play a game for some time, my fps will suddenly get significantly lower - from 144 fps to about 70 and sometimes even worse. I suspect it happens when there is a lot of stuff happening on the screen at once, notably Warframe does it. I know that fps will drop when it is happening, but when this happens it locks the fps down there until I reboot my pc.

I have looked around and I am at a loss for what to do.
OS: W10 Pro 64-bit
CPU: I7 8700k
RAM: Not sure what matters here so just screenshotted CPU-Z View:

Mboard: ROG STRIX Z390-F
GPU: AORUS 1080ti
Monitor: PG279Q

If any other information would be helpful, please respond and I will do my best to provide.
Sounds to me like a driver issue. Do a GPU driver uninstall with DDU or something, and then do a clean install of the nvidia driver. You can do this by selecting custom install option, and then checking a box for clean install. Hopefully that will fix it. If for some reason you use GeForce Exeprience to optimize games, i'd just go ahead and uninstall it. It has a way of butchering FPS if you use it. As you said, the game itself could be demanding in particular scenes, and maybe the FPS drop offs are to be expected. It does happen. I don't play it myself, but do other CPU/GPU demanding games.

Other things that could cause FPS drops like that are too little system ram (which you have plenty of), or a CPU maxing out (which yours shouldn't be!) or even high disk usage, which might cause it too.

Monitor your system with MSI afterburner OSD in game, and HWMon/Info (with sensors) to monitor your system at desktop. Post some screen shots, and we can see whts going on.