Getting lower than expected performance


Sep 19, 2013
I built a new computer about 3 months ago, I put a lot of money into it and I'm getting lower than expected results with most games as far as performance goes. Two problems that I had from the beginning were I'm not able to OC the cpu because it becomes unstable even with the slightest boost. The auto boost works fine (4.2 ghz) but anything after that and I get BSOD. Another problem is that I wasn't able to enable SLI through normal means. I had to enable it through a 3rd party BIOS hack called Hyper SLI, I don't know if that has anything to do with my sub par performance but I have to mention it.

Heres my parts list:

Here are some of the performance numbers
Arma III 15-30 MP 40-50 SP High settings
AC4 15-25 SP Medium settings
BF4 12-20 SP&MP Medium settings(virtually unplayable the fps is so poor)

When I was picking the GPU I chose the SLI 650 ti boost because it was supposed to out perform the 680 card and everything I read about them is that it did on most occasions and was mostly equal if not better to the 680.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you