Question Getting massive stutters in Fortnite


Dec 21, 2019
Hello, I've been having a problem for while now I can't tell if this is a game problem or is it my hardware problem. For some reason I get massive in game stutters for Fortnite battle royal, and it seems to mostly happen at the beginning of the game but I get less once I land. I also don't think it is a bottle neck problem too because I have a GTX 1080 and R5 2600x and running the game all low/competitive settings and a FPS cap at 144 because of my 1444hz monitor, plus my cpu nor gpu hit at 100% usage.
Here's a clip of gameplay with stutters
Aug 4, 2020
I had a similar problem and I believe what I am about to suggest may fix so many problems for others. I tried everything to cure stutter, even changing every part of my PC and then building a new one! I tried last night playing with the ram, stutters were there but I noticed a change in how often or where they would happen based on changing ram settings. It turned out to be the vccio/vccsa voltage. My ram was stable in that it would pass every single test and never crash, yet would still stutter in games, because the power it needed was more than what was being supplied. I upped vccsa to 1.31v and vccio to 1.25v for 4000mhz and the situation was transformed. No more stutters. I have a 10700k so depending on your cpu silicon quality, your imc may need more or less depending on ram speed. If at 3200mhz or above, I suggest trying 1.3v/1.25v sa/io and going from there. Good luck.