Question Getting microstutters after ram upgrade

Dave DAvis

Aug 2, 2014
Hey there

Am getting hitches here and there in games but not consistant and when it happens there is a cpu spike. its really distracting
Also noticed that i cant open many programs or tabs in chrome without getting a lag which is weird for 8gb ram, The task manager always shows 4gb ram in performance tab and never goes above it except in extreme load

2x4gb ram
1 is standard kingston the other i bought is hyperx kingston (red)

The issue you're experiencing could be caused by mixing different RAM modules.
Have you tested the RAM with Memtest?
You might need to configure the RAM manually to closely match their settings.

It is not recommended to mix RAM modules that were not tested to work together, since it is hard to predict the outcome.
Even though it might at times just work fine, mixing and matching stick that may have different speed, CAS latency, timings,voltage, etc could cause a motherboard to refuse to work
Even when they appear to be similar, the IC chips might come from different manufactures.
To be sure that RAM will work together you will have to buy RAM kits.
That's why manufacturers and vendors won't provide support for that configuration.
the microstutter is likely nothing to do with your ram. but rather your gpu driver.
games like apex legends seem to have an issue with some of the nvidia drivers of late.
theres also the render ahead limit in the nvidia panel... if its higher than 1 or 2 it could be the cause of the micro stutter.

so i would suggest you use ddu and install the latest drivers. (check the info to see what are known issues and whats fixed.

as for the ram... if you can manually set the timings start with cas 10 for both sticks and leave the rest of the timings at auto. at 1600mhz 1.6-1.65v if its normal ddr3 if its low voltage then 1.3-1.35v. if the sytem boots. (it may restart a couple of times as the bios figures out the rest of the ram timings.
let windows boot then use something to like hwmon to read the other ram timings. 1s you have them, shut down and enter the 4 main timings manually in bios and reboot...
hopefully everything will work ;)
if not reset the bios and choose cas 11 and repeat the process.

if it does you can continue to tighten the timings (although i would be suprised if the ram goes lower than 9)
after reading your pm...

mate i honestly dont know what else i can tell you other than basic ram tuning.

if you have good stock timings on the ram you could try switching it to 1t mode. but some intel setups dont like it and will crash.

download hwinfo

your ram is 1600 cas 10 if its running at that speed then all you can do is attempt to tighten the timings, this will give you another 2-5%, if your lucky.

theres 2 ways you can attempt an overclock on the ram. by manually by copying the current stock timings then reducing them 1 at a time. till you get a crash.. can be hit and miss.


if you have a smarter bios, you can enable xmp, manually set cas timing 9 0r 8 and set the ram volts to the max allowed 1.35 or 1.65 depending on the ram,
leave everything else on auto for the next boot.
note the system can either hang here (give it 30 seconds) or it reboots 2-3 times.
the hang is a crash the reboot sequence should be the bios learning ram timings.
if it just bootloops you will have to reset the bios and start again with a higher number.
if it boots
boot the system and load up hwinfo and in the bottom right of the system box you will see the ram timings the bios chose.

copy the timings and manually enter them into the bios.
save and boot.
your system should boot straight away...
if everything worked your system should have tighter timings and hopefully stutter free.

lastly if tightening the timings doesnt fix it, then i would suggest you remove the last few ms upgrades to windows(sorry i dunno exactly which).
there anti spectre/meltdown mitigation patches can cause issues with some cpu's