Getting my Q6700G0 to 3.4ghz?


Jan 11, 2009
Ok I have been running at 3.0ghz, but I just tweaked the mhz and upped them until my motherboard told me my target speed was 3ghz, and I left it there ran a stress test, monitored temps everything was fine, now a year later I wanna go for 3.4ghz, thing is I have left everything on auto and now I am concerned I am not getting the most out of my ram timings, clocks, etc.
so heres my specs for starters.

Q6700 G0 Stepping @ 3.1ghz currently stable
DFI Lanparty LT P35 chipset
8gb Corsair XMS 2 DDR2800 ram
2x 640GB Western Digital Caviar Black SATA II hdds 32mb caches
Power and Cooling Continous 725watt, 850peak p/s
Xclio Case with 250mm intake fans on the side, and a 120mm exhaust fan in the rear
Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme heasink.

I think thats about it, well if anyone is familiar with the DFI P35 motherboard that would be great, I recently changed my ram settings from auto to 333/800, dunno if thats bad for anything. My fsb multiplier is at 10x and my ram is at DDR2 796 (I believe) with a target cpu speed of 3108mhz. My ram has been upped from 1.8V stock to 2.0V but still runs stable, all my other voltages timings etc are stock.
My current temps at idle at 3.1ghz are as follows (according to speedfan) my ACP temp is 20C, Core 0 is 27C core 1 32C, core2 28C, core 3 26C and thats at idle to 12% cpu usage. I don't know how to read my ram temps on this program, yes Im a noob thats why Im asking for help.

Thanks in Advanced.

edit: I have been looking at some tutorials online and saw that some people use realtemp, will realtemp is WAYY off from speedfan, real temp is a good 7C in some cases cooler than speedfan? which program should I trust?

also my mothersays I am running at 3.1ghz, Vista's System properties says I am running a Q6700 2.6ghz @ 3.1ghz cpu, and programs like cpuz say my clock and multiplier is all over the place, at idle its a 1800mhz with a 6x multiplier, is this due to some cooling mechanism intel cpus have? I thought if I set it in the Bios its LOCKED at that..


Okay wow lots of stuff going on here.

First off, if CPU multi is 10x and cpu speed is 3108Mhz, you have FSB of 310. Try going to 340Mhz FSB if you want a 3.4Ghz speed for your CPU.

Temps look fine, try using coretemp. Speedfan has some issues, just read some posts around this board. I haven't used realtemp, so I can't tell you to use it.

The vista system props are reading correctly. It shows the stock speed and then says @ to show the real speed. If you want the real deal on what your speeds on everything are, run CPU-Z ID. google it.

The multiplier issue is because when your chip is idle, it will reduce the multiplier to UNDERclock the cpu to lower speed. It saves money, reduces heat, and is not a problem for almost everyone. As soon as you use the CPU for something, it will switch back to 10x. You can see this happen with CPU-Z ID.