Question Getting new power supply and graphics card for dell mini-tower and need advice

Jan 17, 2021
Hi guys,
So, I have an old computer, standard when it came out in 2016 - Dell Inspiron 3650 (mini tower). It came with a Nvidia GT 730. It hasn't been too bad but I would like to upgrade to a slightly better card so I can game with my friend. I have settled on the GTX 1050ti 2GB. Not amazing I know but will help me play newer games.

One issue I have is my power supply is only 240W. An issue there is the power supply I have is specially fitted for the smaller tower. I've looked at mini ones but they don't seem to go over 250W. Will I need to get one that goes outside the computer? Or is it possible to get by with the one I have?

My other question is about Graphics Card brands. I heard MSI is bad but I don't know which is the best.

More system info: I have 16GB RAM and a i5 2.70 Gigahertz processor (I might need to upgrade that as well)
The computer is old so I might end up having to replace Mother board as well.

I just wanted to check in with some experts before I got parts in case I wasn't able to install them etc.
I don't want to spend more than 200 dollars.

I appreciate any help.
There is no 1050Ti 2gb.
Gtx 1050 is 2gb
Gtx 1050ti is 4gb
You are going to have to go with a small versio of the card,which consume less watts,something lime this
It conaumes 75W so u should be all good without having to replace the powersupply.
Where did you hear that MSI is bad?
They make one of the most beautiful,quiet and cooling efficient cards.One thing i love about msi's gpu's is that they are so common that you can find almost any guide,how to trouble shoot,etc.. about it on youtube.