Question Getting nonstop Bsods on my new computer

Sep 25, 2020
Hi there, I've recently bought a new computer and I've been getting bsods after one week of use (it's been going for 2 months now). I have tried analysing them with Windbg and couldn't find the problem =(
They mostly happen while I'm browsing using Chrome or watching netflix and such. They do happen while gaming but it's very rare. They are also very frequent, happening multiple times per day and sometimes every few minutes.

Here are the minidumps:

My computer specs:
  • Ryzen 3300x
  • Mobo Aorus 450 m
  • RX 5700 XT Sapphire Pulse
  • Corsair CV550
  • 2x Ballistix sport LT 3200mhz 8gb
  • Samsung EVO 850 240gb (this one isnt new, bought it in 2016)
  • HDD 1tb (mainly for backup)
What I have tried:

  • Clean windows 10 intallation
  • Updated ALL drivers
  • Updated bios for latest version (f51)
  • installed amd chipset drivers
  • Ran memtest, prime95, OCCT, heaven benchmark (all without problems and bsods)
  • Check all temperatures and such, they are all good
  • Disabled anything that could be related to overclock
  • I can't test with any other computer parts since I don't have any =(
I'm really running out of ideas of what could be the reason, and since I bought every part separately, I can't just send the computer back, I have to know which hardware isn't working properly.
Sep 25, 2020
reset the BIOS by jumper

run and post the http link of your result, e.g.
Hello, I just reset my CMOS with jumper. Did the minidumps point towards anything with the bios? I couldn't figure it out while I was trying to debug it with Windbg
Here's my userbenchmark
I'm only using one 8gb ram on the benchmark because I'm testing if bsods will occur with only one ram (It already did unfortunately)