Getting Online on Newly Built System


Oct 13, 2008
I decided to post this question on its own thread because the other thread I posted was for another problem I was having. I'm building my first computer. Others have been saying that after I install my drivers for the devices, to get online and install any further updates.

On my old computer (I'm typing on it right now), I have internet access. It's AT&T Yahoo DSL. I'm using a modem with an ethernet connection.

My question:
How do I get online if it's a new built system?

Do I use the same CD it came with to install any software or whatever?


Mar 3, 2009
So there is no router, just your computer hooked up to the modem via ethernet??
So are you going to leave your other computer in service or take it out of service and replace it with the new one? Reason I asked is it will matter in that if you are going to leave the other computer on the internet are going to need a router, If not then just unhook your old system and hook the new system up then depending on which operating system you have, I have windows xp and before I got a router, I didn't use the disk that came with the modem, just hooked it up and went to network setup and set it up myself, (I didn't want all the bloatware on the cd they sent) Very easy to setup on you own and when it asks, just type in your username and password and it should work, mine did. With a router then you set up the router to nagotiate with the internet and it's always on.