Question Getting Planet Zoo to run on Win10?


Jul 21, 2016
Hi all,

Apologies if this is not really a proper question for this forum, but I'm tearing what little hair I have left out here.

I'm trying to play Planet Zoo, but no matter what I do, it refuses to load. I just get the spinning icon for a few seconds and then nothing, no game, no error. It flashes up in task manager for a second and then disappears. So far I've tried the following to fix it and no luck:

Running game as admin/not as admin

Running game in Win8/7 compatibility mode

Clicking the "high DPI" boxes in the compatibility settings

Updating/uninstalling C++ runtimes.

Updating .NET frameworks

Installing latest graphics and sound drivers

Installing game on 2 different drives in 4 different folders

Probably other stuff I can't think of off the top of my head :D

Out of desperation, I installed the game to an old HDD I had and hey presto, it works fine on that, so it's not to do with my hardware (which is all above minimum specs anyway). In the above list, I installed the exact same version of C++ and .NET as on the working HDD on my main drive and still nothing. So, can any bright spark offer any other possible remedies please, before I start crying :unsure:

Many thanks.

P.S. - I don't want to have to swap drives or set up some crazy duel boot thing just to play one game, so please don't suggest doing that ;)