Question Getting rid of nasty malware with Avast - is putting file into virus chest enough?


Jan 25, 2016
Hi all - so last night I noticed that my computer was having several problems, including:

-extremely laggy mouse movement (I would move the mouse and the cursor wouldn't register until a few seconds later)
-windows recognized my internet connection as a brand new connection even though it's the one I've always used.
-the Avast firewall was turned off and I couldn't turn it back on.

After running a scan with Avast, it found one harmful file, called win32:dangeroussig. I had Avast place this file in the virus chest. Ever since I did this, my computer has been running fine and I have been able to turn the firewall back on so I am assuming that this file was responsible for my previously mentioned issues.

I was wondering if there is anything else I need to do on my end to protect my computer. I have since read about this malware and have learned that it is a very dangerous form of malware that can corrupt registry files and open your PC up to remote hackers. Is it possible that my computer could still be at risk of this happening? Or is placing the file in the chest all I need to do to keep my computer safe? Also, is it possible that this malware did any sort of permanent damage to my pc? I was thinking about wiping my computer just to be on the safe side but I would rather not do so unless absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance!