Question Getting shocked from my PC?

Mar 12, 2019
Hello everyone,

I just finished building my gaming PC and noticed I'm getting shocked when I touch some metal parts of peripherals which is plugged in. I first wanted to plug in my headset at the back of my motherboard, there are two jacks one for mic and one for audio. When I inserted one of the two I wanted to insert the next one. I touched it by the audio jack (the metal part) and it shocked me. The longer I hold on to it the longer it'll shock me. The same thing happened when I wanted to plug in the antenna to my motherboard for the WiFi thing (I've got a Z390)

I've read so many things on the internet that I should take everything apart again and put it back together, that there is something wrong with electricity wires in my house and I don't know what else. To answer some common questions you guys might ask, I'll answer them for you.

  • I've got no carpets or anything static near me
  • I live in Thailand so the weather here is humid
  • The PC is standing on a wooden table
  • My PC and monitor are both plugged in a power extension cord
Also can someone tell me what "grounding" means? I've read it everywhere but I couldn't a proper definition for it. Does grounding got anything to do with this issue? All the help is welcome, cheers! :)


Oct 14, 2017
Grounding- when building a pc you will commonly see professionals use a special band. This band consist of a cloth arm band with a metal bar on the inside. This metal bar is conected to a wire with a rubber cover with a metal clip on the end of it. You take the clip and hook it to a peace of metal outside of your case i.e. a lamp arm with the lamp unplugged.

I dont think grounding is your problem here. At the same time another form of grounding in a pc not building or "assembling". Normally accourse during usage with system on. Normally this happens with a screw falling behind the motherboard miss directing power flow to the case and out i.e. through you. This isnt good for you your house or your system seeing as to how it can actually potentially lead to a fire in the future. This grounding i can see happening... And maybe happening... Or you have ordered a faulty psu and need to order a psu capable of delivering its power properly. It may just have a faulty relay sending to much power over all and the system is trying to vent it out some way som how