Question Getting the most for sound quality

Jul 10, 2021
Hello :)
I'm buying soon a new buildup for heavy 3D artwork and visual effects but also I want to understand in depth how can I make the most of the sound equipment I own.
I've a DT 990 600ohm and MAGNI amp, currently I'm plugging the headphones through a cheap little USB connector.
I don't have any soundcard atm.

What's the best lossless way to connect the equipment I've to the PC?
What to look for when I search for a soundcard or motherboard for those needs?

Thank you so much :)
most good motherboards these days have very good sound processing onboard.
unless you've got some serious studio work going on there's really no reason for a sound card anymore.

you should have an optical output from your amp.
running that to your motherboard's rear I\O should be all that's needed.