Question Getting white noise/static when using both a headset and microphone

Ben Meekin

Nov 19, 2014
Hello, a friend of mine purchased for me a Beyerdynamic DT880 and an MODMIC 4 microphone, both use separate cables and are plugged into the rear audio ports on the back of my PC.

The headset itself works flawlessly and produces great sound, however when the microphone cable is plugged in, the system will sound and indicate that it has been connected but will start to produce a static sound, if i physically disable the microphone in the sound settings it will stop producing this sound.

We also tested the same setup using a USB to audio jack connection which while it worked with the headset itself, prevented the microphone from working at all.

I'm at my wits end with this, as far as i can see all of my audio drivers and such are updated, the ports are clean and dust free and from what i can see the cables inside the pc all seem to be connected correctly.

Has anyone else had a similar issue to this?

UPDATE: I have managed to install new drivers for my audio ports that were not installed correctly, this however still didn't fix this issue. I've noticed that for some reason the computer seems to think that i am using two different headsets rather than one headset and one microphone, When the microphone is plugged in it does register that one is active but there is no input sound being detected at all, this same setup was tested on another computer and it worked perfectly, i am at a loss of what i can do about this.
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