Question Getting windows error messages when trying to install malewarebytes or norton anti virus please help if can

Dec 1, 2020
Hello, when I go to malewarebytes and try to download it or when I try to install norton I get erorrs in my browser while I try to open the file before I even open the file to install after its downloaded it wont let me load it so i can install I get two errors I have uploaded pictures of the error message I think my computer has a lot of viruses but I want to know why I am getting these errors and what I can do to bypass them and install norton and malewarebytes I have windows 7 home please help if can. =( the error message when after downloading malewarebytes and when trying to open the download so I can install it wont let me open it, it gives this error message tried chrome and firefox both same problem... "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item"... Also get this error message as well Failed network error... when I try to open the file after download is complete... here is what the errors look like on a image.....



thank you
Oh okm so how do i fix it so I can open it from the browser and allow permission to open it?
do not use the web browser.
just open the folder that it was downloaded to in Windows Explorer(C:\Users\Sanford\Downloads)
and try to open "MBSetup.exe" directly.

if you cannot;
then forget it and just listen to USAFRet and wipe your disk drive(s) and continue with a new Windows installation.