Question "getting windows ready" every time I turn on my pc

Dec 15, 2019
so win 10 is installed on m SSD, a couple of months ago, when I built my pc, it would boot in like 5-8 seconds(with steam, discord, and Spotify on startup) lately I have noticed that it takes much longer, I disabled epic games Spotify and google chrome to startup when I turn on my pc from the task manager, but it still boots really slowly, when I push the power button I have a black screen for like 5 seconds and then the motherboard logo appears, loading for like 5 seconds as well, and then I have a message saying "getting windows ready" EVERY time I turn my pc on. What am I supposed to do to reduce that time, my pc used to boot much more quickly with more apps on startup, now all I have is discord on startup. pls help ):

it takes like 30-40 seconds for me to get to the desktop now.