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Question GF searching for a gaming laptop [GER <1800]

Oct 13, 2019
Hey, my GF really wants to buy a laptop but we both have only little knowledge about the laptop market... pls send help^^

1. Budget's 1800 Euros. We'll purchase from Germany.

2. Size should be around 17". Matte would be a plus too.

3. As for resolution, FHD@144Hz would be perfect.

4. It's simply said a desktop replacement. Just so she can play while being at home and at mine's.

5. Battery life is unimportant. It will always be plugged in.

6. She'd like to play League of Legends and rarely some Minecraft. Both at medium settings with decent FPS [no lags]

7. Other tasks would be media consumption and school work.

8. 1TB storage would be the sweet spot. Though, 500GB would be ok, if upgradability is given. Then we'd simply upgrade.

9. No specific sites.

10. It should survive some years tho... especially for the budget.

11. No optical drive needed.

12. For brands: not apple.

13. We live in Germany.

14. It shouldn't have a Touchscreen. She just wants something simple like the Acer predator helios for example. Just a classic laptop.

Thanks a lot in advance!