GF to surpass Intel this year in process?

Think this is just show and tell, or are they getting very close?
This is 28nm, or, a half node ahead of Intel


Jul 4, 2008
I don't trust the source. He is right at times but it is lost in his rhetoric fanboy BS. I dont think it took some intimate industry knowledge to figure out fermi was going to be way late. I also dont think it takes a technical guru to figure out GF will surpass TSMC in capabilities within the year and possibly Intel a little further out. I think predicting a year is a little fanboyish though. I would say production wise, they could be even or surpass them by 2012. Capacity constraints will push them back at least that far. They will of course ramp up capabilities but I just dont believe it will be that fast. Something tells me between now and 2012, we will be reading "GF manufacturing GPU's for Nvidia" amongst others.
At the time, he was laughed at, put down, we were all reminded of his past mistakes, nVidia had other claims as to when itd be out, hinting at the announcement in Sept with the wood screws, and he preded all this by almost 2 months.
Like I said, I understand, but whats on that is not simple design, best guess going is SoC or Arm chips or gpus.
If you read the Analylist day discussions, they hinted at being way ahead, despite what some have said in forums, as this is in print, from AMD itself, so a very strong possibility here.
Thing is, theyve signed a few heavy hitters lately, and we dont know how theyre going to play ball, being that the company itself is new, and we have no track record as to how theyll present their new processes, thus my question.
I wouldnt attack Cjarlie, Id be asking more questions, as if this was a fake? Its no fake.