GF8200A stopped working properly!


May 4, 2009
So, yesterday I found an old Hard Drive and decided to move everything to a machine a just bought. A GF8200A ECS Motherboard with integrated video (Nvidia 8200), AMD Athlon LE-1640 2.7Ghz, 1Gb RAM. I turned the PC off, plugged the IDE HD, and started to move some files to the new HD a Western Digital Sata 320Gb. Then, I decided to play some songs and noticed that in some parts the became choppy and I thought they were damaged or something. I turned the PC off, unplugged the old HD and turned the PC on again.

I noticed that the sound was choppy from the very beginning. The startup sound.

I noticed I couldn't run my games properly. The graphics were poor, choppy, like if the video card wasn't working ok. I ran Enemy Territory and had low FPS and then I ran CoD4 and it was impossible to play. Everything looked like the videocard wasn't working . I decided to reinstall directx9 and to download the new video drivers from the webpage. Also, I noticed that if I moved the mouse cursor over the top border of the screen, the screen would blink. Scrolling the pages on documents was slow.. just like it is when you don't install the graphics drivers.

I modified something about the shared memory in the BIOS but still the computer doesn't display 1gb as RAM, it hives 896Mb Ram and 512 for video card memory (?!)..

I formatted C: and installed everything all over again and the problem is still here. I used the drivers they gave me when I bought the PC because the first time I put everything together, the computer worked great.

The desktop blinks when I move the cursor over the border (it doesn't happen on webpages, only in the desktop image). Scrolling is slow and I can't play my games properly although the games run and everything detects the video chipset installed properly.

I flashed the BIOS by the most recent version I found in the webpage but I only did it once. I don't know if I should do it with the couple of files I found in the webpage..

any idea? ..
I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with virus because I formatted the partition Windows was in.. :??:


Jun 20, 2009

I bought two motherboards ECS,
One with the chipset Nvidea_GF8200A
and another with AMD_A780G chipset.
Well, the nvidia-GF8200A is having the same problems you reported but the A780G (version of the AMD chipset with similar characteristics) is the video with excellent performance. I updated the bios from nvidia-GF8200A, tried different drivers for the vga chip. I think we were misled by the ECS and Nvidia in the chipset nvidia-GF8200A.