Gfx card not working


Aug 5, 2008
My friend's direct 3d acceleration is not working. He had just gotten windows XP installed after formatting his pc. After he had turned off his PC and rebooted it, the gfx card's 3d acceleration had stopped working. Any time the pc accesses anything which requires the gfx card to funtion including the NVIDIA control panel, the entire screen goes all green and gets very choppy. Then the PC hangs and he has to restart his it.

His current card is the XFX 9800 GT if it's of any help.
To check something, he went into the display tab under DX diag and then he disabled 3d acceleration from there. That stopped his hanging process but then he couldn't run any application. He also uninstalled and installed different drivers to try and fix this but that did not help either. Any idea on what the problem could be? Could it be that the gfx card has died? But then his PC is still detecting it so what could be the case?