Question Ghost/Unknown disk in disk management

Sep 8, 2020
I currently have an issue with disk management. If you look at the picture on the top list it shows all the partitions for my only installed nvme drive. However if you look lower you'll see disk 0 that is offline, unknown, and not initialized. When I open disk management it says that before I can use the drive I have to initialize it but when I click to initialize it it says that a device that does not exist was specified and when i click action and re scan the disks it goes away until my next restart. I tried my googling but the only things that show up are issues where people are trying to get access to a new drive or an existing drive that has issues. I don't have any other storage installed and I'm not trying to get access to anymore storage at the moment. This is just a random ghost drive that shows up. Hopefully someone can chime in and offer some help.

Thank You.


Does your computer have any card readers (SD, &c)? Sometimes they show up funny in disk management when the slot is empy. One of my desktops has a multi-card reader and it show up as four blank discs. It used to even pop up warnings every time I booted that the discs were unreadable. Which was annoying to click four times.