Question Ghosting problem

Jul 4, 2019
I have 1 asus vs248 monitor and 2 benq gw2270H monitors.
I have nvidia geforce gt 730 4gb graphics card (i got this because i dont game on my pc, i use ps4, so i was like i dont need a powerful gpu and i got this.)

The graphics card have 3 ports, dvi hdmi vga.

The problem: i got the asus and the benq montior and plugged them in, the benq monitor using hdmi and the asus using vga, today I received the second benq monitor and i used dvi to hdmi cube converter, i plugged it in and plugged the hdmi to the new monitor, i booted and suddenly both of my benq monitors started to have the ghosting affect, the asus monitor doesnt ghost, i unplugged the new benq monitor and removed the dvi to hdmi converter from my pc(removed the new monitor that I received today) and the benq monitor that i had before now ghosts, i dont know why becuase it never done that before, it started to have the ghosting affect after i plugged in the new monitor, i am pretty sure that there is nothing wrong with the monitor because it was working perfectly before i plugged in the new third monitor and i plugged it in my PS4 and it doesnt ghost, so i think that there is a prolem with the graphics card or cables, i tried reinstalling graphics driver and that didnt work, i dont think hdmi cables are faulty cuz they r working fine before I plugged in the new monitor, whats the problem?? Please help.

Edit: i have been experimenting with the cables, i removed everything and i only plugged in the asus monitor with vga cable, i now started to notice little bit of ghosting on the asus monitor also :| looks like the problem is with the graphics card..
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