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I thought GRID 2019 and Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame 3 were challenging enough on Hard mode, but this game has me sweating it out a lot just on the Normal mode.

I actually bought Ghostrunner just yesterday though, so I'm pretty new to it. I don't really know why I thought it would be a good break from the stress of having to hit every rhythm and whoop section near perfect at MESX 3's Nashville track to contend with the AI, but despite dying literally hundreds of times on first play through so far, the game is quite addicting. I tend to play it a bit skittish at times, especially where there's a few shielded guys and I have to get to their shield battery before killing them.

Interestingly enough though I've found you can at times sneak in and get a foe that isn't shielded, then safely destroy the battery, retreat to a safe place, then sneak in and take out one of the others where there's cover nearby to avoid getting killed right after, and activate a button that reveals a way to the next area, leaving one foe behind. At times you can avoid even groups of foes because there are often multiple platforming paths, and the right one can often take you straight to a button to activate a way to proceed.

Make no mistake about it though, Ghostrunner is designed for hardcore players, and I'm not even sure I can get through it. It's entirely made as an OHK (One Hit Kill) game, meaning you can always kill with one slash of your katana sword, but any single projectile or fall out of the intended play area will also kill you. It's a mix of frustration and nirvana once you get a flow going. I rarely can manage sustaining a flow, but it's fun and challenging in a puzzle-like way via the platforming.

The Ghostrunner you play as is like a Ninja Batman, and his grapple device is quite nice. If you don't like challenging wall running though, it may not be for you.

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Here's level 5, Breathe In. This was captured via level select, after playing through once prior. I managed to succumb to less than half as many deaths as the first time, but still well over 100. This level has a new enemy that leaps at great distance to do a lethal ground smash. They're easy enough to dodge one on one at distance, but when mixed with other enemies, can be tough to deal with. This level also introduces Cybervoid Uplinks, which boost your speed, effectively slowing time, and huge vent fans. You basically use the uplinks to get through these fans, and there's a few scattered elsewhere that help greatly with getting through enemies.

I picked up some new skills and boosts as well that extend uplink time, help reflect projectiles easier, and aid aiming. The Deflect Reflect skill reminds me a bit of bouncing blaster shots back at enemies in Jedi games, but it's far from automatic here, you need to time it manually.

Here's Level 6, Road to Amida, which introduces enemies that have a half circle shield that always stays in front of them as they rotate. Another new thing in this chapter is being able to hack quickly rotating objects in order to jump through them, or use their surfaces for platforming. For some reason they do not assign a skill, ability, or even name to this. Whisper just mentions you can do it.

It also introduces the Shuriken, and they can be used on electrical junction boxes that can turn off electrical hazards and open doors. Frustratingly, the very first Shuriken puzzle is by far the hardest. It involves 3 panels to wall run, the latter 2 of which require turning off electricity arcing through them.
The trick to getting past these panels is to hit the junction boxes on either side of the wall with a shuriken one right after the other so they stay off long enough to get through them. The other is to use sensory boost after the first 2 panels at the height of your jump, then dash to get to the next one. Otherwise you cannot get enough height and distance. The game gives you literally no onscreen hints for the technique required on these panels, despite no prior wall run panels being anywhere near as hard. As a result I failed the jump numerous times.
Lastly, at the end of the level, it gives you the Tempest skill. Tempest is sort of like a Force Push, which can kill groups of enemies, or send their projectiles back at them if timed right. This level started out feeling very difficult. I soon found though if you use the many grapple points available, you can make the shield enemies look geriatric. With Tempest now in my arsenal, I expect them to throw a much tougher enemy scenario at me in the coming levels.

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Here's Level 7 Run-Up. This is by far the shortest and easiest level so far, which I wasn't expecting. The play time shown at the end was under 16 min, even WITH all the deaths, but after editing, it came out to just under 3.5 min. I was expecting to use the Tempest ability a lot, which was acquired at the end of the previous level, but found it harder to get used to than Deflect Reflect, which sends projectiles back at enemies via striking them with the sword. This requires precise aiming though.

This level has some tough platforming, in particular a segment that combines grappling, sensory boost jumps over rotating grinding cylinders, and precisely timed wall run jumps back and forth where laser panels are placed in between the safe ones. It also introduces mechs, which I was expecting. These are semi large bipeds, that shoot a wide beam. Timing is required to slow mo dodge them sideways, or slide underneath them.

A big part of what makes this level easy is most human enemies only have single shot pistols, except for a couple whom have assault rifles. As well, even the mechs once you get the hang of timing slides and dodges to avoid their attack, are relatively easy. Thus the only real challenge here is that tough platform sequence.