Gigabit switch slowing down my internet


Oct 20, 2011
So here is the scoop...

I have ATT uverse Turbo max pro, I get direct connection to from the router 22mbs download and almost 3 upload.

However I decided to place the router closer to my tv and PS3 rather than next to my computer... I hate nothing more than lag and I like the ethernet connection to my att uverse receiver rather than coax cable.

Before I had a gigabit switch next to my tv and ps3 and apple tv, but I used to lag playing video games which is why I switched it. Now I have a direct connection with a 100 ft cat 6 cable from the router to my computer and now my computer is showing 7 mbs download. whether I use the switch or not My speed slows down significantly. I know that a cat 6 cable usually doesn't degrade until about 700 ft. So I'm really confused.

Here is what I am using

At&t 3800hgv-b uverse modem/ router
3 cat6 7ft cables
1 100ft cable
5-port gigabit greenNet switch TEG-S50g
2 PS3
1 Apple tv
1 vip 2250 uverse receiver
hp pavilion dv7

Even if all other devices are unplugged I still get only about 6 mb/s

Any help or advice Would be appreciated.

Very respectfully,


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