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Question Gigabyte 1650 Super Windforce OC or Zotac 1660 Twin Fan

Jun 3, 2020
I'm deciding on which to buy.

I can get the Gigabyte 1650 super GDDR6 4GB windforce OC for $200 (converted from my native currency). But I see a Zotac 1660 GDDR5 6GB for $230.

Which would be the best deal? Thanks.

Is the difference in memory generation that significant compared to thw GPU? I already looked on some youtube benchmarks and yes 1660 is better but I just want to know. Also the Zotac looks very cheap and no backplate.


Sep 25, 2017
You'll get 2gb more vram if you go with the 1660 which will come in handy when playing AAA titles. 4GB is barely cutting it nowadays at 1080p. If you want a more "future proof" gpu go with the 1660 as 6GB will be enough for quite some time at 1080p.
but other than that theres a 5-10fps boost when those two cards are compared head to head.

GDDR6 is faster than GDDR5 but to be fair, its not an important factor when you are purely looking at gaming performance. VRAM memory type is one of those things people sometimes overthink.

Sure the looks of the zotac 1660 might not be ideal but if you look past that its a better deal than the 1650S and imo its worth the $30 extra.
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