Question Gigabyte 3090 Gaming OC vs Asus 3080 Strix OC

Dec 15, 2020
First off want to say I am sorry I am in this dilemma, because I know others are having problems just getting one. However, I cannot find a comparison and really would like your opinion.

I currently have a Gigabyte Gaming OC 3090, which I happen to stumbled upon near MSRP. While this was not my first choice of manufacturer, I was happy to just find one near MSRP. Then I was digging around and appears some have power connector issues (mine has the new plugs), but also only has 2 x 8 Pin PCIE, which will limit its overclocking potential. With the power connector, lack of Gigabyte quality, flaky software, and not excited about the looks of the card, I was wishing I had just paid for what I really wanted, and got the Asus Strix, which was my first preference. Now I don't have any "need" for the 3090 as all I do is game, but can afford the 3090 so I thought, why not.

I did a bad thing, and decided not to wait on playing the F5 game. I found a new Asus 3080 Strix OC on eBay that had a lower price than most, but still quite a bit cheaper than what I paid for my 3090. I absolutely love everything about the Strix. My question is do you think it would be better to hang onto the 3090 and deal with its shortcomings, or stick with the 3080 Strix and sell the 3090? I currently game at 1440p, but have plans to go to 4k eventually. Not sure how close the Strix can get to the 3090 Gaming OC. Also unsure if future proofing is a thing with both of these not really being able to do 4k @ 120hz consistently. Thanks in advance.


Honestly, unless you have use for 3090 for work I wouldn't buy it just for gaming. If you have money then absolutely if you want value then 3080 is the way to go. 4k 120hz might be possible with DLSS and game optimization, looking at you CP 2077 ...