[SOLVED] Gigabyte 5700xt overclocking advice


Apr 6, 2020
I recently upgraded my old computer completely and got this beast of a GPU. I have paired it with a very nice 1440p 144hz samsung monitor and i have to say this gaming experience is a totally new concept for me . Now, i've never been really into ocing only because my old components wouldnt let me so. Since the upgrade i think i have a good grasp at ocing CPUs but unfortunatelly im still struggling with the whole GPU concept. What i noticed while gaming at max settings is that the junction temperature could jump up to 90-95 in no time but that can easily be solved by cranking up the fan curve. I managed to stabilize it at 73-75 and card running at 59. Noise isn't a problem for me since i'm gaming with headphones. What i want help with is how to overclock this GPU efficiently with no crashes. Right now the settings in Radeon software are as follows:
GPU tuning: Px(FREQ/mV)-->P1(800/750), P2(1450/750), P3(2100/1066) these were all the default values when i clicked on the tab, i haven't changed anything
Vram tuning : 1750 mhz
Power tuning : 0%

Any advice ?
Any advice ?
Navi offers very little upside to increasing the boost clock since it's almost always thermally limited or power limited in-game to something well below that anyway. So under-volt first, not overclock, as undervolting helps it run cooler and use less power.

So: undervolt and increase the power limit first.