Gigabyte 650ti 2gb vs hd 7770 vapor x


Nov 18, 2012
so i want to know how much perfomance the 650ti have over the hd 7770 i live in egypt and the prices are pretty high the diffrence between the 2 is 350le wich is equal to about 60 dollars so is the difference worth the price games i intend to play bf3 crysis 3 gta v ac 3 max payne 3 sleepiong dogs gohst recon future solider etc..... the rest of the pc
i5 3470
asrock b75gl r2.0
4gb ddr3 ram
500gb hdd
400w psu
samung 22x dvd


Games like BF3 and GTA can use the extra VRAM that the 2GB GTX 650ti has if you play at high resolutions. And the GTX 650ti is a tad faster than the HD 7770. So, it would be a close call depending on your monitor's resolution and your desire for the most eye candy. The extra GB of VRAM is why there is such a difference in price.
Honestly, the 650Ti probably doesn't have enough muscle to actually use 2GB of VRAM, at least not in those games. The 7770 and 650Ti would both run out of steam before hitting the VRAM limit with 1GB.

GTA won't run that great regardless of what card he has, and BF3 needs something stronger than a 7770 or 650Ti before it will go past 1GB of video memory. The only game I can think of where the 650Ti might benefit from the extra memory would be Skyrim with the high res texture pack. With every other game that uses more than 1GB, the GPU will be what holds performance back, and not the memory size when dealing with this class of cards.
He said the 650Ti is 60 dollars more than the 7770, so it isn't worth the price difference for that kind of a performance boost, and 20% faster is being rather generous, with latest drivers the performance difference between the two cards is closer to 10% in most titles.

At the really low resolution of 1440x900 it won't make much difference anyway. Maybe look and see if the 1GB GTX 650Ti is considerably cheaper. Paying 60 dollars more isn't really worth it in this case.


The link prototype18 provided seems to bear out what I was referring to as far as BF3 is concerned at 1900x1200 rez. The extra GB of VRAM is used in that game for a slight FPS improvement. Granted, the test system they used is a bit more than the OPs. But not enough to make a difference, I'm thinking.

However, at 1440x900 rez, I would opt for the less expensive card. The 2GB VRAM won't make a difference at that resolution.

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