Gigabyte 7970 VS Gigabyte 7970 Ghz Edition


Dec 28, 2012
I am planning on getting a new video card, and I have decided to go with the Gigabyte version of the 7970. I know that upon looking at the newegg pages for both the normal 7970 and the Ghz Edition show that the Ghz edition clearly runs faster, but I am wondering, can't I just OC the normal 7970 to match the Ghz edition with the Catalyst or Afterburner programs and save myself $40 in the process, or is there something that I am missing that makes the Ghz edition a clear step up from the normal?

Reference links:


Ghz Edition:
just got the ghz edition

and gigabyte have blocked increasing voltage on it to further overclock it on the latest revision cards

dont know if they have also done this on the normal version as well

they arent advertising they have done it

though their support confirmed they had done it on the ghz edition

nothing i tried would unlock voltage increasing


Jul 18, 2012
Get the Ghz edition , it is already overclocked for you. If you dont mind the hassle and want to overclock the normal edition yourself , by all means go ahead but you might encounter more problems if you intend to do it yourself.