Question gigabyte aero 15 oled yd laptop

Mar 13, 2023
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hello people maybe you might help me out. I am pretty good at building desktop pcs. and this is my first laptop that i actually dropped money on. gigabyte

.AERO 15 OLED (Intel 11th Gen) Key Features | Laptop - GIGABYTE Global . now the laptop was running like a champ . then i don't know what the hell happened after a windows update. things went south. to the point i downgraded to windows 10 and didnt solve <censored> and went back to windows 11. did a full wipe. and did a gigabyte manufactures reset. the problem is my rtx 3080 graphics card started not to show on my device manager even to the point of my gigabyte control center not wanting to even load up. i had the drivers installed prior to playing games before <censored> went south. it running the intel graphics but <censored>. so i was thinking of flashing my bios normally that would be the way to go. im on fb07 and fb08 is out but this <censored> is locked. im thinking my nividia graphics in switchable mode possibly. even in device manager when i try looking in hidden nothing. but i think i goofed when disabling it it did show prior. i opend it up and unpluged the battery to the cmos nothing. the bios <censored> and i tried using gigabytes but when i click on the <censored>it does not even want to load let alone the control center. any help or a bios from ya would help then i would ati flash this <censored>.
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